“System 2000's efficiency
        is just like saving an
  $1.40 per gallon compared
                  to my neighbor's new
                           name brand boiler.”
Charlie C.
    - Manorville, NY
This study shows Energy Kinetics is the most efficient.
Enjoy the best efficiency plus the best technology
with our industry's leading energy control.
Most Boilers do not include
any energy control and they
unnecessarily waste up to an
extra 30% of your fuel dollars.

Energy Kinetic includes energy
saving controls on
every heating
system we install and best of all,

our controls lead the industry in
reliability, energy savings and
warranty protection.
   “Our controls are the best
in the industry, and so is our
lifetime protection plan.” *
*Others offer only the industry standard 1 year
control warranty. See actual warranty for details.
Like a warm waterfall
         that never ends . . .
   Super efficient high
       output hot water.
. . . perfect for homes with
 multiple baths, showers,
      pools, spas, and busy
             laundry rooms.
Cutting edge technology
   that's efficient and

     whisper quiet!
Most new oil boilers are
just as loud as old ones. That's
25 times louder than
System 2000!

More reasons Energy Kinetics makes the most efficient boilers.

Energy Kinetics The Leader in Deep Energy Cuts

Through more than 30 years, Energy Kinetics has grown to become the nation's leading manufacturer of innovative, high-efficiency boilers as a core component in combined heat and hot water systems. Our innovative designs and controls are proven to cut fuel use by up to 40% or more.
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Breakthrough Real Efficiency beyond AFUE!

Our Accel CS advanced condensing gas technology combines exceptionally low idle loss with up to a 96% AFUE for the best heat and hot water performance. The stainless steel pressure vessel condenses during the full hot water cycle and can be conveniently wall hung or floor mounted. It's whisper quiet technology at its best!
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Preeminent Engineering Journal: Better Efficiency Measure

The ASHRAE Journal: "Performance of Combination Hydronic Systems" by Thomas Butcher, PhD demonstrates that AFUE labeling of heat and hot water appliances alone fails to indicate the actual annual performance and to identify the deep energy saving potential possible with a system upgrade.
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The trouble with AFUE: Gov't Lab Report Findings

A recent U.S. DOE National Lab Study shows Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) is not accurate, especially for heat and hot water boilers. The report indicates that modulating condensing boilers, cast iron boilers, and tankless coil boilers can consume up to 57% more fuel than stated in their AFUE rating.
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'Most Outstanding Family Owned Enterprises'

Energy Kinetics is honored to receive a 2012 'Most Outstanding Family Owned Enterprises' Family Business Award from the Rothman Institute. Special thanks go out to our family of employees, our business partners, the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship, and so many others who have made this remarkable achievement possible.

Boiler's Whisper Quiet Operation Leads the Industry

System 2000 and the 90+ Resolute whisper quiet operation is extraordinary. The industry leading burner air box design and spiral boiler pressure vessel filters out annoying sounds and background noises for true whisper quiet operation.
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Near Endless Hot Showers

Hot water is readily available through our high performance hot water storage tank. At the end of a hot water call, the burner automatically shuts down; the Hybrid Energy Recovery cycle recovers heat left in the boiler and delivers it to the hot water storage tank so no energy is left wasted in the boiler.
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Wall Street Journal Features System 2000

The world's premier business publication features Energy Kinetics' success and our founder, John Marran in this article by journalist Gwendolyn Bounds. John's vision to reduce wasted energy continues to guide home heating system development to this day.
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How about up to a 20% tax-free return on investment?

The tax-free return you get year after year with System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel energy savings is a remarkable investment - especially with today's volatile markets. While CDs and bonds offer low, taxable returns and stocks risk losing 10%-25%, energy savings are a great way to pad your nest egg.
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US Coast Guard Saves nearly 40% with System 2000

The US Coast Guard upgraded 173 new model pin type cast iron boilers and 3-pass boilers of various makes (rated at 85%-86% AFUE), indirect water heaters, and electric water heaters with System 2000. The results: Fuel consumption dropped nearly 40%.
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Don't get Trapped with One Fuel Type!

Energy Kinetics' System 2000 and 90+ Resolute are available in natural gas, oil, or propane combined with hot water systems for the best efficiency. Natural gas, oil heat, propane or bioheat (B5) fuel sources can be converted between fuels with a simple orifice or burner change. The rest of the heating system stays the same!
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Energy Kinetics Named Clean Energy Business of the Year

Energy Kinetics was named 2008 New Jersey Clean Energy Small Business Leader of the year by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities, Office of Clean Energy. This award recognizes Energy Kinetics for its outstanding leadership in energy efficient and renewable technologies that help to deliver savings and reduce greenhouse gases.
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Smart Solar - cut water heating costs with the sun's energy!

Energy Kinetics Smart Solar(TM) uses energy from the sun to heat water for bath, laundry, dishes and more. These safe and reliable panels look like attractive skylights and are much more affordable than solar photovoltaics (electric). They also require minimal maintenance over a long operational life.
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Energy Star Award for Excellence

Energy Kinetics, received the prestigious ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence in 2009 as a national manufacturer of innovative, high-efficiency heating and hot water systems. Since its inception in 1979, our family-owned company has demonstrated a strong commitment to energy efficiency and the environment.
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Military Rebate

For the Freedoms that we all enjoy...our Thanks go to the men and women serving, and who have served, in all the branches of the military. Please ask us about our Military Rebate.
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Renewable Energy

Bioheat is a cleaner, renewable oilheat available today from a select group of oilheat suppliers. You may have seen the "Join the Evolution" campaign promoting Bioheat as an exceptional renewable home heating fuel - it's simply traditional oilheat blended with biodiesel. Our oilheat products are so advanced they are all Bioheat compatible, even models installed over 30 years ago.
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Top Rated Plumbing and Heating Professionals

Dealers installing Energy Kinetics' boilers are typically considered "The Best" in their market area, receiving very high marks for quality installations and referrals from customers. Our territory managers also visit places of business and installations - give us a call if you're interested in a top notch contractor!
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Energy Star

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