Why Energy Kinetics?

At the height of the first energy crisis in the 1970’s, Energy Kinetics founder, John Marran, was challenged by his brother, Bill, to help him find the best way for Bill’s customers to affordably heat their homes. As a professional engineer, John worked at all levels in an industrial pump manufacturing company, and then advanced to head the United States division of an international heat exchanger company, so Bill knew he was the right professional to develop the best solution.

John studied U.S. Department of Energy reports on boiler operation and efficiency, reviewed installations, fuel usage, and boiler models with Bill’s customers, and toured every major boiler manufacturer’s facilities to find the best answer. He found that much of the energy losses came from high mass, hot boiler operation where boilers idled or finished hot, and from poor hot water efficiency. Boiler manufacturers were heavily invested in cast iron foundries, and so the heavy core designs available were far from optimal in performance. Drawing on his heat exchanger design experience, John had an epiphany: If he wrapped the flame of a burner with a low mass spiral heat exchanger, that would make a pretty good boiler. Then make it smarter…when the burner turned off, “purge” or pump remaining heat to the home or into hot water to virtually eliminate most of the inefficiency found in typical boilers.

John received a grant from the Department of Energy to develop his idea of a “low mass, thermally purgeable boiler,” and the results were extraordinary – it was the most efficient boiler they ever tested. Remarkably, that remains true for Energy Kinetics boilers today, although much advancement has been achieved through the decades.

Today’s models reflect core design principles including best in class efficiency, proven 30 year life, exceptional warranty support, and ease of service with components found on contractors’ trucks – all in boilers designed and built in the United States and sold direct to installing and servicing contractors to ensure quality installation, service, and support.

John Marran
John Marran, Energy Kinetics Founder

7 Reasons People Trust Energy Kinetics To Heat Their Homes

John and Roger Marran
John and Roger Marran

1. Family Owned and Operated

Energy Kinetics is a family owned business and a trusted name in heating since the Marran family founded the company in 1979. The first energy crisis spurred our unwavering vision to cut fuel bills, save our precious natural resources, and make heat and hot water comfortable and affordable.
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Boilers Made in USA

2. Proudly Made in America

The entire family of Energy Kinetics’ heating products is manufactured within our one facility located in New Jersey. Having one facility allows Energy Kinetics to maximize quality control. Using precision welding and the industry’s highest standards for quality assurance testing, every boiler exceeds the strict ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) standards. Additionally, not only are all Energy Kinetics’ heating systems proudly made in the USA, but each one is manufactured with materials sourced from the USA, as well as the steel which is sourced from local mills.
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Boilers Built to Last

3. Built to Last

Energy Kinetics’ has proven 30- year boilers with a track record of outlasting cast iron and condensing boilers from around the globe. Because of this reputation and our dedication to quality, every boiler is backed by the industry’s best warranty, including residential lifetime protection and a 10 year labor allowance on many models.
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Boiler Technology Leader

4. Technology Leader: Whisper Quiet, More Hot Water & Greater Savings

Our in-house technological heating advancements have made the Energy Kinetics’ boiler the leader in whisper quiet operation and provider of more hot water. Additionally, our advanced boiler design and energy saving controls reduce energy costs up to 40% and carry a lifetime residential warranty.

Trained Dealer and Heating Professional

5. Extensively Trained Dealer and Heating Professional Network

You are in capable hands with an Energy Kinetics’ trained dealer and heating professional from the first day of installation throughout the lifetime of your system. Our network of dealers and independent heating professionals have direct access to our experienced technical support team and participate in our in-house training programs ensuring your comfort and warmth for years to come.

Boiler Parts Made in USA

6. Readily Available Parts and Service

At Energy Kinetics, we understand the importance of reliability in your heating system and therefore have created a deep inventory of readily available parts. These parts are available in warehouses in New Jersey, Maine, and Alaska. Also, Energy Kinetics’ boilers maximize available “off the shelf” components to provide years of reliable operation. In addition, Energy Kinetics’ boilers are designed to allow effortless service, therefore ensuring worry free operation.
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Energy Kinetics System 2000 Warranty

7. The Industry’s Best Warranty

You will have peace of mind knowing your boiler is protected with our Lifetime Limited Warranty – no product registration is required!

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If you want lower monthly fuel bills, plus a boiler that lasts and is backed by the industry’s best lifetime warranty, give Energy Kinetics a call at 800-323-2066 or email us and you will understand why people trust Energy Kinetics to heat their homes and businesses!

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