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Energy Kinetics’ heating system’s heating and hot water efficiency can provide a tax free return on investment… plus your business can realize operations and maintenance savings.

Real energy savings are not identified in the AFUE rating system for boilers. Our products and solutions maximize savings by integrating more effectively with existing and new distribution, radiation, and hot water.

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ENERGY STAR Award for Excellence

Energy Kinetics, Inc. is a national manufacturer of innovative, high-efficiency heating and hot water systems. Since its inception in 1979, this family-owned and operated company has demonstrated a strong commitment to energy efficiency and the environment. Energy Kinetics received ENERGY STAR recognition for its superior efforts to display and promote the ENERGY STAR label. Key accomplishments include:

  • Qualifying 100% of its product line for the ENERGY STAR.
  • Upgrading its office and warehouse facility to reduce energy consumption by 30%. Energy Kinetics went on to rate its upgraded building with EPA’s Portfolio Manager.
  • Prominently displaying ENERGY STAR logos on all advertising literature, shipping cartons, and products.
  • Installing a solar voltaic system that generates 34,000 kWh of electricity annually.

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Save More on Fuel Bills

Significantly cutting your fuel bills this season is easier than ever!

No matter how efficient you think your heating system is, you can still save up to 40% off your heating costs.

You’ve got to see the results of a Department of Energy study that prove our design is the most efficient, and saves significantly over even the highest Energy Guide (AFUE) rated boilers.

See How It Works!

View “Season after Season” video. Find out how this remarkable system is different and why it out-performs all others, how it can pay for itself, and how other homeowners have benefited.

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Real Efficiency Ratings

The trouble with AFUE ratings: what’s the real efficiency of home heating systems?

Click here to find out how government Energy Guide ratings (AFUE) can misrepresent fuel efficiency by up to 47%. System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS are designed for REAL efficiency, not just for the Energy Guide rating. In fact, AFUE ratings are generations behind today’s technology, and real efficiency and savings are not reflected in AFUE ratings!

How AFUE Can Mis-represent Fuel Efficiency?
Click Here to Find Out

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US Coast Guard Savings

Over 30% average savings achieved by replacing 85%-86% AFUE cast iron boilers with System 2000.

In this multi-year study, the U.S. Coast Guard in Kodiak, Alaska, replaced (24) new 85% and 86% AFUE cast iron boilers of various makes, indirect water heaters, and electric water heaters with System 2000 in residences.

The tremendous savings led to the 2007 replacement of another (150) residential and commercial cast iron boilers as part of a Super Energy Saving Performance Contract (Super ESPC) which is run by the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP). This project capitalizes on the expertise and financing of the ESPC contractor to assist the Coast Guard in complying with the recent Executive Order which requires all Government agencies to reduce their energy use by 20% by 2015. The Coast Guard also realized operations and maintenance savings with System 2000 over the cast iron models. The FEMP takes advantage of real efficiency over AFUE, and you can too! See Looking Ahead in First Regional Super ESPC: Success on Kodiak Island, Alaska.

System 2000 and 90+ Resolute Sidewall Vent shown running at -50F in Fairbanks, Alaska. Reliable and efficient performance is proven in sustained -60F temperatures in Arctic climates.
The exceptional fuel efficiency and reliability of Energy Kinetics products makes them ideal for the harsh conditions in Alaska’s winters.  Industry standard components and backup operability make our heating systems ideal for installation in remote locations.  The Aleutian Islands in Alaska have seasons of sustained winds exceeding 50 MPH and are a good example of challenging conditions.  So when the Aleutian Housing Authority replaced hundreds of cast iron boilers all along the chain of these islands, they chose System 2000 and achieved average savings exceeding 50%.  The fast payback and long term reliability proved out and continues to deliver on savings and reliable performance.

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Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

It’s GREEN too!

Yellow is the new green. Learn about greenhouse gas emissions.

Of course, saving energy also means cutting greenhouse gas emissions. A typical System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS upgrade reduces greenhouse gases equal to nearly an acre of forest every year! Remember, Energy Kinetics’ heating systems are the bright yellow boilers that quietly cut fuel bills!

The Green Neighborhood

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Calculate Savings, It’s Easy

Calculate Savings!

Estimate savings and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions with an upgrade to System 2000, 90+ Resolute, or Accel CS for all your heat and hot water needs, and compare to other typical systems. Even estimate payback with the help of your installing contractor!

Calculate Savings

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Endless Hot Showers

System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS produce super efficient high output hot water

With Energy Kinetics’ heating systems, hot water is readily available through a high performance hot water storage tank. System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS replenish hot water as needed, and anticipate when no additional hot water is required. At the end of a hot water call, the burner* automatically shuts down, the Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle recovers heat left in the boiler and delivers it to the hot water storage tank so no energy is left wasted in the boiler.

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Whisper Quiet Operation

System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS are virtually silent – they run more quietly than a microwave oven!

Energy Kinetics’ heating systems’ whisper quiet operation is extraordinary. The industry leading burner air box design filters out annoying sounds and background noises.

In addition to being efficient, the spiral boiler design of System 2000 and 90+ Resolute, and heavy insulation is an extremely effective noise dampening system – flue products travel over 10 feet before exiting into the flue (and an amazing 18 feet on the larger EK3 models). These features are unique compared to other home heating systems. For natural gas, oilheat or propane, System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS lead the industry in noise control.

View Noise Level Chart

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Energy Star Partner

ENERGY STAR® was created to help consumers easily identify products, homes, and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment. As the government-backed, trusted symbol for energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR label identifies highly efficient products and designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings. Energy Kinetics is a proud to offer products with the ENERGY STAR label.