Awards and Recognition

ENERGY STAR Award of Excellence

2009 Energy Star Award for Excellence

Energy Kinetics, Inc. is a national manufacturer of innovative, high-efficiency heating and hot water systems. Since its inception in 1979, this family-owned and operated company has demonstrated a strong commitment to energy efficiency and the environment. Energy Kinetics received ENERGY STAR recognition for its superior efforts to display and promote the ENERGY STAR label. Key accomplishments include:

  • Qualifying 100% of its product line for ENERGY STAR.
  • Upgrading its office and warehouse facility to reduce energy consumption by 30%. Energy Kinetics went on to rate its building with EPA’s Portfolio Manager.
  • Prominently display ENERGY STAR logos on all advertising literature, shipping cartons and products.
  • Installing a solar voltaic system that generates 34,000 kWh of electricity annually.

2019 Manufacturer of the Year Award

Manufacturer of the Year Award

Energy Kinetics was honored to receive the National Association of Oil and Energy Service Professionals (OESP) Manufacturer of the Year award. Award recipients are members who have made a significant impact in the areas of education training development and technical support in the field.

Energy Kinetics was recognized for outstanding contributions to the oil and energy industry. Today, our technology strategy targets underserved boiler market areas with a focus on producing products that integrate industry standard components, on board diagnostics and better technology for ease of installation, service and maintenance. All with accessible field and factory support. We continue to share our knowledge throughout the industry and are proud of the world-class technical training and support we offer to all our dealers.

New Jersey Clean Energy Business Leader of the Year

Clean energy award

Energy Kinetics was named 2008 New Jersey Clean Energy Small Business Leader of the year by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), Office of Clean Energy. This award recognizes a New Jersey small business, for its outstanding leadership in using energy efficient and renewable technologies to help deliver savings and reduce greenhouse gases.

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Most Outstanding Family Owned Enterprises


Energy Kinetics is honored to receive 2012 ‘Most Outstanding Family Owned Enterprises’ Family Business Award from the Rothman Institute. Special thanks go out to our family of employees, our business partners, the Rothman Institute of Entrepreneurship, and so many others who have made this remarkable achievement possible.

Wallstreet Journal

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The world’s premier business publication features Energy Kinetics’ success and our founder, John Marran in this article by journalist Gwendolyn Bounds. John’s vision to reduce wasted energy continues to guide home heating system development to this day. Read More

Recognition for Demonstrating that Clean Energy is Smart Energy

BPU New Jersey Clean Energy Smart Business copy

Energy Kinetics’ solar photovoltaic system was the first commercial system installed in New Jersey under a new ‘SREC-Only Pilot Program’, a performance-based incentive program developed by New Jersey’s Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) and administered by New Jersey’s Clean Energy Program. Read more about this 25,000-watt array that delivers approximately 34,000 kWh of electricity per year.

System 2000® achieved the highest “annual reduction in fuel use” in Department of Energy Lab Study


System 2000 achieved the highest “annual reduction in fuel use” in the Brookhaven National Laboratory “Performance of Integrated Hydronic Systems”, as presented by Dr. Thomas Butcher in May 2007. The results show System 2000 has a higher annual efficiency (with an AFUE of 87.5%) than the typical 95% AFUE modulating condensing gas boiler tested. Electrical consumption and additional losses from draft hoods and draft regulators were not included in the study, which reduced the efficiency of most other systems tested further. System 2000’s Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle, combined with the unique low mass boiler and hot water system, delivered the highest efficiency and significantly outperformed temperature reset controls.

Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Stewardship Award

Enviromental Stewardship Awarad copy

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Environmental Stewardship Initiative recognizes Energy Kinetics for the voluntary and proactive measures taken to go beyond compliance to improve the environment and ensure a sustainable future. Activities include high-efficiency heating and hot water production, solar photovoltaic power production for use in manufacturing, high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems and more.

HART Highest Participation in an Alternative Commute Award


HART (Hunterdon Area Rural Transit) has recognized Energy Kinetics as the employer having the highest percentage of the worksite’s workforce participating in an alternative commute mode in the small employer category three years in a row.