Ascent™ Combi and Ascent™ Plus Combi Boilers

Ascent™ Combi and Ascent™ Plus Combi Boiler

New Combi Boiler Technology Leap Frogs Old Fashioned Tankless Technology to Cut Fuel Bills Up to 20% or More!

Energy efficient by combining heat and hot water in one boiler!

In fact, Ascent Combi boilers are not only more efficient, but they are much quieter than traditional tankless coil boilers, and their comparable prices make the decision to upgrade an easy one.

If fuel conversion, hot water and longevity are concerns, homeowners will be thrilled to learn that Ascent Combi boilers run on oil heat, natural gas, propane or bioheat (B5) fuels and a simple burner change allows the homeowner to easily switch fuel sources in the future. Also, the Ascent Combi’s world class plate heat exchanger delivers much more hot water than a tankless coil system, and there are no coil flanges to fail or cast iron sections to leak leading to its unprecedented longevity.

Outperforms All Tankless Coil Boilers

3 Advancements that Allow “Ascent™” Boilers to Outperform Cast Iron Ones

The Intelligent Boiler

1Intelligent By Design

Smart Controls

The Ascent Hydrostat allows you to adjust settings to match your individual life style. For greater savings, select a Smart Learning Mode at the touch of a button for on-demand operation. If you don’t use hot water overnight during the summer, your boiler doesn’t have to run!

In fact, the Ascent Hydrostat is so smart, it learns your weekly routines and is ready when you typically need hot water – and saves your energy when you don’t.

To cut up to 40% or more off heating bills, learn more about our Resolute™, System 2000® or Accel CS™ boilers, each is a boiler with “the brain”, an advanced Energy Manager control.

Combined Heating and Hot Water

2Revolutionary Reliability

Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate heat exchangers are the best and most widely used way boilers make hot water in the world.

Our plate heat exchanger delivers continuous hot water unmatched by any tankless coil boiler. There are no studs to break or gaskets to leak with easy service union connections. Our Sealix® permanent non-stick coated surfaces prevent lime and mineral build up for exceptional long term performance in hard water applications.

High Efficiency Boiler

3The System

Innovative Design and Engineering

The engineers at Energy Kinetics have deconstructed every component of the conventional tankless coil boiler and used superior design and materials to recreate it as a much higher efficiency design that produces more hot water for longer. The design is also much more robust than wall hung and other combi boilers that are prone to fouling and short life from tiny flue and water passes. With dozens of improvements over traditional boilers, you will understand why it easily outlasts and outperforms the competition. These improvements include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The Ascent Hydrostat™, smart control for home comfort! (see #1 above)
  2. The energy converter is a proven 30 year spiral design for the highest efficiency. There are no sections or pins to foul, clean, or leak.
  3. Removable stainless steel alloy combustion chamber for clean burning operation.
  4. 13 foot flue passage boosts efficiency.
  5. Hefty 2 inch thick insulation wrap for high efficiency and quiet operation.
  6. Swing down door for easy access.
  7. Advanced plate heat exchanger. (see #2 above)
  8. Clean In Place (CIP) valves for the plate heat exchanger and mixing valves.
  9. Flow switch for fast hot water response.
  10. High performance mixing valve for consistent hotwater temperature (CIP).
  11. Air elimination for quiet operation.
  12. Boiler-side Y-Strainer (CIP).
  13. High efficiency Taco circulators.
  14. Hard water? Add a scale stopper for reliable operation (up to 25 grains of hardness) without cleaning!

Circa 1940 – Today
Tankless Coil Boiler
Heat and Hot Water Boiler
2017 – Today
Ascent Combi Boiler

If you’re looking at this page, odds are you have a tankless coil heat and hot water boiler (click here for natural gas or propane). This technology has been around and has gone virtually unchanged since the 1940’s. With that long history, it’s only natural to wonder how the Ascent Combi stacks up, and why it looks and runs so differently.

How does the Ascent Combi compare?

Space heating and hot water average demands
Competitive first installed cost
Enjoy long hot water showers with steady temperatures
Whisper quiet operation with optional silent burner cover
Cut up to 20% off tankless coil boiler fuel bills
No tankless coil to clog, corrode, or cause early boiler failure
Lifetime Limited Warranty with specially formulated steel pressure vessel superior in quality to cast iron
Easy to convert from oil to natural gas or propane



For above average hot water use and maximum efficiency see our System 2000® Frontier, Resolute™ and Accel CS™ here.

Tankless coil boilers typically fail at the coil flange or cast iron sections. Ascent has no coil flange or cast iron sections to fail.
No wasted fuel by draft regulator.
Boilers with draft regulators shown above waste a huge amount of energy, you may also notice a noisy slam when the burner starts.  No Energy Kinetics boiler requires this fuel wasting device!

See the Difference. Enjoy Whisper Quiet Savings.

Typical Tankless Coil Boiler Infrared
Ascent Combi Boiler Infrared


These infrared images show a typical tankless coil oil boiler wasting heat through a glowing hot burner door compared to the well insulated and quiet design of the Ascent Combi oil boiler that effectively captures heat and sends it to your home. Wasted room heat is also vented out the draft regulator on cast iron boilers.

Photos courtesy of NORA presentation at Southern New England Energy Conference.

Why Now?

Energy Kinetics is family owned and operated and was founded in 1979 with the vision that heating and hot water systems can be much more efficient if they have simple, smarter controls and design, and are built to last.

In 2017, we decided the timing was right to take our proven 30 year spiral boiler platform and innovate to provide heat and hot water, but without the need for a storage tank…all at a price point that’s competitive with tankless coil boilers.

Which One Is Right for You?

Ascent Combi or Ascent Plus Combi

Both the Ascent Combi and Ascent Plus Combi are energy efficient boilers combining heat and hot water in one boiler and both cut fuel bills up to 20% or more! In addition they are much quieter and more efficient than tankless coil boilers, and their comparable prices make the decision to upgrade an easy one.


The Ascent Combi model can be connected to your existing masonry lined or stainless steel lined chimney. The Ascent Plus boiler has a much lower venting temperature due to our enhanced boiler design which allows chimney or sidewall venting with polypropylene (a high quality plastic venting material). This can save $1500 to $3000 in chimney costs if a conventional chimney is failing and needs an expensive stainless steel liner. Our advanced dilution air system means there’s no need for an unreliable, noisy power venter.  It’s proven technology that’s generations ahead of the outmoded direct vent systems still used today on some boilers and furnaces.

Efficiency Differences

The Ascent Plus has a flue pass that is 40% longer than the Ascent. This extracts even more heat from combustion, and can cut fuel bills up to 5% more than the Ascent Combi. The low temperature flue allows the system to vent through the side wall or using a high quality polypropylene flexible chimney liner.

Other Considerations

If you currently have a hot water tank, you should consider one of our systems with a tank. Our systems with a hot water tank include Resolute™, System 2000® and Accel CS™.

If you have two or more zones, you should also consider our Resolute™, System 2000® or Accel CS™ boilers, as each one has our advanced Energy Manager controls for savings of up to 40% or more over conventional boilers.

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