Endless Hot Showers

System 2000, 90+ Resolute™, and Accel CS™ produce super-efficient heating PLUS high output hot water.

With Energy Kinetics’ heating systems, hot water is readily available through a high performance hot water storage tank. Our systems replenish hot water as needed, and anticipate when no additional hot water is required. At the end of a hot water call, the burner automatically shuts down, and the Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle recovers heat left in the boiler and delivers it to the hot water storage tank so no energy is left wasted in the boiler.

Dear Energy Kinetics,

The result was well worth the effort! Your system is awesome! I took the longest shower I’ve had since I bought the house! We really put the system to the test this morning. My wife ran the dishwasher, and the laundry, while I took another shower. Then my wife and son each took a shower, and there was still enough hot water to fill the tub (at full flow mind you) for my daughter’s bath! I’m convinced that this was the best investment I’ve made in a long time, and if you ever need a customer’s endorsement you’ve got it!

I mentioned filling the tub at full flow because with the old domestic hot water coil in the boiler, we had to trickle the water into the tub for half an hour to run a hot bath. If the flow was too high, the water would run cold after less than a minute.

Dan G. and Family