Ascent Combi Boiler

New Combi Boiler Leap Frogs Old Fashioned Tankless Technology

The Ascent Combi is an energy efficient boiler combining heat and hot water in one boiler.

The Ascent Combi Boiler is much quieter and more efficient than tankless coil boilers, and it's comparable price makes the decision to upgrade an easy one. In addition, the Ascent Combi’s world class plate heat exchanger delivers much more hot water than a tankless coil, and there are no coil flanges to fail or cast iron sections to leak.

Ascent Combi also runs on oil heat, natural gas, propane or bioheat (B5) fuel sources and can be converted between fuels with a simple burner change. You can upgrade your system today, and decide to change fuels anytime in the future.


The Problems with Traditional Tankless Coil Oil Boilers

Conventional tankless coil boilers have been around for over 70 years, and traditional manufacturers have failed to keep up with the times. Typically, these noisy boilers leak and rust over time, and waste fuel by running day and night in case hot water is needed.

Finally, there is an innovative alternative to yesterday’s inefficient tankless coil boilers that is 30 times less noisy, more energy efficient, and comparable in price.

The Problems with Condensing Combi Gas Boilers

The Ascent Combi is also an excellent upgrade to wall hung combi gas boilers with a design built to last in American homes.  Find out more about small wall hung and combi gas boilers and the best condensing gas boiler option, the Accel CS, here.

Introducing the Ascent Combi Boiler

Combining Energy Kinetics’ Energy Efficient Boiler Design and Its New Smart Learning Technology, Ascent Combi Quickly Learns your Daily Routine and Cuts Your Fuel Bill!

The energy converter’s spiral design has been proven to operate at the highest efficiency for over 30 years. Additionally, there are no sections or pins to foul, clean, or leak.

The Ascent Combi is an energy efficient boiler that combines heat and hot water in one boiler with hot water as the priority.

Where traditional cast iron and steel boilers allow heat to drift out the chimney and energy wasting draft regulators, the Ascent Combi combines heavy insulation with an energy efficient spiral design to trap heat in the unit, reducing energy use and cutting fuel bills.

In addition, it is designed to be extremely quiet. With the optional silent burner cover, the Ascent Combi whispers like a small microwave in your basement.

The Ascent Combi also saves energy with its Smart Controls. Its hot water system is easily programmed and offers several options. The first option makes hot water instantly available 24/7. The second one quickly preheats water on demand. The third option offers two smart learning modes which monitor your usage and create an energy efficient schedule based on your past needs. With these options, you’ll agree that the Ascent Combi is a smart upgrade for any tankless coil boiler application.

5 Reason Homeowners and Contractors Choose Ascent

Tankless coil boilers typically fail at the coil flange or cast iron sections. Ascent has no coil flange or cast iron sections to fail.

Tankless coil boilers waste fuel through draft regulators. Ascent has no draft regulator.

1. Lower Fuel Bills

The Ascent Combi is built with Energy Kinetics’ energy efficient spiral design which traps heat in the unit, reducing energy needs and saving fuel. In addition, the Ascent Combi boiler comes equipped with three hot water options. These options provide instant, on demand hot water, and Smart Learning modes that allow you to customize hot water service to match your household needs. Smart Learning modes enable Ascent Combi to learn your hot water schedule and preheat the water service to meet those needs; this allows Ascent Combi to run more efficiently, saving fuel costs. For example, if you do not use hot water overnight, Ascent learns this pattern and does not run.

2. Low Maintenance

The Ascent Combi doesn’t have cast iron sections or coil flange gaskets to rust or leak, and there are no tankless coil studs to break.

3. Longer Life

Ascent Combi uses Energy Kinetics’ proven 30-year specially formulated steel pressure vessel design for long life. In addition, the high performance stainless steel plate heat exchanger used for making hot water doesn’t have any studs to break or gaskets to leak, contributing to its long life.

4. Price

Energy efficient Ascent Combi is competitively priced when compared to traditional, inefficient tankless coil boilers.

5. Lower Cost Fuel Options

Ascent Combi runs on oil heat, natural gas, propane or bioheat (B5) fuel sources and can be converted between fuels with a simple burner change. The rest of the system stays the same—this includes the boiler, water heater, thermostats, zones, Ascent Hydrostat control and more.

Additional Design and Engineering Features Help Ascent Out-perform Tankless Coils

Enjoy Longer Hot Showers

Traditional tankless coil boiler ratings overstate hot water delivery by using a misleading short 5 minute flow test. However, in homes, owners quickly find out that they require hot water flow for longer than 5 minutes, and unfortunately are disappointed when they run out of hot water or experience high fluctuations in temperature. By design, Ascent Combi’s hot water flow is consistent and constant, enabling the Ascent Combi system to uniquely deliver continuous hot water.

If you have high flow showers, fast fill tubs, or other large volume hot water needs, you probably did not have a tankless coil boiler to start with, and we recommend using our nearly endless hot water designs including System 2000, 90+ Resolute, or Accel CS.  These systems include a hot water storage tank and offer even higher efficiency and more fuel savings than the Ascent Combi.

Hard Water Serviceable

Many traditional tankless boilers require the coil be cleaned and replaced due to mineral deposits. If you don’t have hard water issues with your current boiler, Ascent Combi will not, either.  If you do have hard water, Ascent Combi can be paired with a Scale Stopper or water treatment system. In the case that minerals do build up, simply service using the Clean in Place (CIP) fittings and a readily available hard water cleaning system.

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Energy Kinetics provides an exceptional residential lifetime limited warranty on the pressure vessel. In addition, this warranty can be transferred to a new owner within the first five years of the installation. See actual warranty for details.

Ascent = The Industry’s Best Combi Boiler

Lower Fuel Costs While Enjoying Whisper Quiet Efficiency

If you want to lower monthly fuel bills, enjoy whisper quiet operation and get the security of the industry’s best lifetime limited warranty, give Energy Kinetics a call at 800-323-2066 or email and put Energy Kinetics’ tankless boiler’s proven track record to work heating your home or business and start saving today!

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