Accel CS™ Condensing Boiler

Accel CS Condensing Boiler

Simply Smarter and Built to Last! Accel CS’s Superior Boiler Design Makes it the World’s Most Durable, Reliable, and Efficient Condensing Boiler.

Lower Your Fuel Bills While Enjoying Nearly Endless Hot Water

Accel CS is one system for both heat and hot water. Combining several Energy Kinetics’ developed breakthrough technologies, including Hybrid Energy Recovery®, SmartBoost™, Sealix® hot water heat exchangers with its industry-leading boiler design, Accel CS delivers the best comfort and the highest energy efficiency. As a result, Accel CS lowers fuel bills (up to 40% or more) while creating comfortable, warm living spaces and nearly endless hot water for showers, kitchen, bath, and laundry.

And Built To Last

While other condensing boilers manufacturers cut corners to reduce production costs, the Accel CS is constructed with five times more stainless steel. Therefore, it delivers a higher quality, higher efficiency, and a longer life boiler with minimal maintenance. In addition, most condensing boilers are built using low durability Euro and Asian designs constructed with expensive, hard-to-source parts resulting in long downtimes. Accel CS is built in the USA with a proven, durable design and readily available parts.

Unparalleled Performance and Savings

Combining several Energy Kinetics’ breakthrough technologies, Accel CS Outperforms All Other Condensing Boilers

Condensing Energy Manager

The Intelligent Boiler Design

1Intelligent By Design

The Brain (Smart Controls)

Known as the world’s smartest boiler, Energy Kinetics’ boiler technology outperforms and outlasts the competition. It’s the boiler with The Brain, our Energy Manager.

The Condensing Energy Manager maximizes home heating efficiency, cuts fuel bills and is perfectly integrated with our low mass boiler. It heats quickly, gets the job done, then searches for left
over energy in the system and sends the remaining heat into your home or hot water storage tank.

The result is NO energy wasted!

Typical Condensing Boiler Issues: For contractor convenience, most boilers are set to run hotter than needed, which causes three boiler issues:

  1. Energy is wasted when the burner is running by allowing more heat to escape out the venting from hotter boiler and vent temperatures.
  2. Maintenance is increased as condensing slows to a halt and stops flushing contaminants out of the boiler. This fouls the boiler, leading to increased service calls or even premature boiler failure.
  3. More energy is wasted when the rooms reach their desired temperature and the burner turns off, wasting heat left in the boiler and system piping.

Problems Solved! These three condensing boiler problems are solved with Accel CS’ boiler design and its simple, smart controls. With Accel CS, contractors can set a very aggressive low operating “temperature reset” to optimize efficiency and maximize condensing operation, lowering fuel bills and allowing the cleanest operation. If any room is not heating quickly enough, SmartBoost™ prioritizes comfort by temporarily increasing the boiler’s temperature to make your home warm, therefore solving the first two issues. The third issue is solved when the Energy Kinetics’ Energy Manager anticipates the rooms will soon reach their desired temperature and the burner is turned off early. The Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle then captures energy left over in the boiler and system and sends the remaining heat into your home, so no energy is left wasted in the boiler and your rooms are comfortably heated.

Traditional Boiler Designs Heat the Entire Tank Slowly, and Waste Energy Every Hot Water Cycle.Condensing Boiler Delivering Energy Efficient Hot WaterCondensing Boiler Delivering Energy Efficient Hot Water

Inefficient Design
Old Fashioned Tank with Coil

Traditional boiler designs heat the entire water tank slowly, and waste energy every hot water cycle.

Condensing Boiler Delivering Energy Efficient Hot Water

Efficient Design
Accel CS with Revolutionary Plate Heat Exchanger

The Accel CS heats water much faster, condenses through the full hot water cycle for cleaner operation, and recovers heat at the end of each cycle for the highest efficiency.

2Water Flow

Delivering More Hot Water, Faster and with Less Energy

Plate heat exchangers are the best and most widely used way boilers make hot water in the world.

Our plate heat exchanger delivers continuous hot water unmatched by any combi boiler or indirect tank with coil. There are no studs to break or gaskets to leak with easy service union connections. Our Sealix® permanent non-stick coated surfaces prevent lime and mineral build up for exceptional long term performance in hard water applications.

Conventional condensing boiler designs are flawed for hot water. Old fashioned water tanks with coil systems are inefficient because the entire tank heats slowly. In addition, the temperature of the system’s boiler rises above the tank’s temperature, and when the tank eventually fully heats, the boiler and piping finish hot, wasting energy every hot water heating cycle.

By comparison, Accel CS’ oversized plate heat exchanger heats the tank with the full output of the boiler, providing more hot water for showers, tubs, and spas. It condenses at a much higher rate for nearly the entire hot water cycle for cleaner operation, longer life, and more heat from less fuel. In addition, our exclusive Sealix® permanent non-stick coated surfaces prevent plate heat exchanger lime and mineral build up, reducing maintenance and delivering exceptional long term performance in hard water applications.

Energy Kinetics’ Energy Manager anticipates the tank is nearly completely heated and the burner is turned off early. The Hybrid Energy Recovery® cycle then captures energy left over in the boiler and piping and sends the remaining heat into your hot water storage tank, so no energy is left wasted in the boiler and your tank is fully charged. Simply Smarter.

The Best High Efficiency Condensing Boiler

Accel CS is Designed for Long-term Reliability, Ease of Service, and High Efficiency

Less Maintenance with Accel CS' Maximum Condensate Production and Efficiency

3The System

Exceptional Boilers by Design

The engineers at Energy Kinetics have deconstructed every component of the conventional condensing boilers and used superior design and materials to produce a much higher efficiency design that delivers more hot water for longer. The design is also much more robust than conventional condensing, wall hung, and combi boilers that are prone to fouling and short life from tiny flue and water passes. With dozens of improvements over condensing boilers, you will understand why Accel CS easily outlasts and outperforms the competition. These improvements include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. The Accel CS vessel contains over 70 pounds of high grade American made 316L stainless steel throughout, where competitors often use low grade materials that shorten the boiler’s life due to corrosive condensate exposure.
  2. The Accel CS’ unique made in USA fire tube design is built to last with thicker and better materials and wide open water and flue passages. The Brain (Energy Manager) delivers the industry’s best condensing operation resulting in higher efficiency and cleaner operation contributing to reduced maintenance and a longer service life.
  3. Low pressure drop, wide open water passes contribute to enhanced heat transfer and more reliable operation with more condensing. To cut costs, competitors’ designs are so restrictive that they need special external piping and additional pumps that actually prevent condensing operation. Competitors’ flawed designs lead to premature fouling and failure while wasting energy.
  4. Unique to the Accel CS, it has 37 specially formulated stainless steel super turbulators provide maximum condensate production and efficiency, for longer and cleaner operation with lower fuel bills. These allow fully serviceable access, where typically condensing boilers have inaccessible flue passes which can foul and cause premature failure. These tiny passes are so small some manufacturers recommend cleaning them with a credit card.
  5. The advanced plate heat exchanger optimizes hot water production and allows condensate to pour out, keeping the boiler clean and saving energy. Other’s tiny plate heat exchangers or tank with coil designs often only dribble out condensate, increasing fouling and reducing efficiency and longevity.
  6. The Accel CS’ fold down door provides easy access to controls, burner, and boiler, making access very maintenance friendly.
  7. The highest grade AL294C stainless steel condensate collector and flue for long life (a rugged material originally developed for the nuclear power generating industry).
  8. Hard water? Our exclusive Sealix® non-stick surface prevents scale buildup, and adds a scale stopper for reliable operation (up to 25 grains of hardness) without cleaning.

Traditional Wall Hung Boiler

Traditional Inefficient Wall Hung Boiler

Heat & Hot Water Boiler
Modern, Efficient Accel CS Condensing Boiler

How does the Accel CS Condensing Boiler compare?

Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty with specially formulated stainless steel pressure vessel. Plus Lifetime Warranty Transfer to a new owner!
Nearly all others are Euro and Asian lightweight designs , often branded by US companies. These have a reputation of fouling and failing in the field.
Storage tank is optimized to provide more condensing, and recover energy after the burner turns off. Combi boilers finish hot every hot water cycle, wasting energy.
Full access, wide open flue passes and water flow paths for long life and easy service. Others have flue passes so small that a credit card is a tight fit.
The highest AFUE, plus thermal purge and exceptionally low idle loss to out perform all other condensing boilers, while simultaneously delivering more comfort faster.
Squeezes more heat out of the fuel and into your home than other condensing boilers.
Automatically adjusts to make your home warm and comfortable. Others rely on temperature reset alone, which only responds quickly if it is set to run inefficiently.
The solid state Condensing Energy Manager carries a 5-year warranty and an extended protection plan for the life of your Accel CS

More Reasons Why Homeowners Love Accel CS Condensing Boilers

AFUE and Real Boiler Efficiency

AFUE and Real Boiler Efficiency
The above chart illustrates how Accel CS improves on the best real efficiency of all tested systems.

VIEW AFUE Efficiency

Beyond AFUE

More Savings

Accel CS’s advanced condensing gas technology combines exceptionally low idle loss with up to 97% AFUE performance for the best heat and hot water efficiency. Other systems high idle loss causes annual efficiency to fall far from their AFUE rating, as idle loss is ignored by all other boiler manufacturers. The Accel CS boiler runs more intelligently and adapts more swiftly to changing demands. As a result, the Accel CS boiler system delivers bigger fuel savings (greater efficiency) in every area of heat and hot water production.


Chimney, Through the Roof, or Sidewall Direct Venting

Installations can be vented with polypropylene in a variety of chimney and sidewall configurations.
Chimney or sidewall direct venting

Air Removal

Whisper Quiet

Built in air elimination is included for quieter heating system operation.

Quietest Heating System Operation

Additional Benefits

  • Proudly Made in USA!
  • Whisper Quiet
  • Nearly Endless Hot Showers
  • Natural Gas or Propane, Easy to Convert
  • Convenient Wall or Floor Mount
  • SmartBoost for Better Comfort
  • Built-in Auto Express Setup, and no second pump is needed, improving efficiency over other condensing boilers.
  • Cuts Up to 40% or More Off the Home Heating Bills
  • Gas Protection Alarm included with Every Gas System
  • 5 zone control, upgrade to 15 zones including hot water

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Accel CS = Reducing Your Monthly Fuel Bills Up To 40% or More

Accel CS Home Heating System

Lower Your Fuel Bills While Enjoying Nearly Endless Hot Water

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