Whisper Quiet

Exceptionally Quiet

One of the most overlooked and greatly appreciated features of boilers is quiet operation. Energy Kinetics’ heating systems’ whisper quiet operation is extraordinary.


Quiet Home Heating Systems at Energy Kinetics

Did you hear that?

Probably not if it’s an Energy Kinetics’ boiler. In fact, our systems are as quiet as 38 decibels, making them virtually silent. Compare that to the 62 decibels of typical boilers, which make it hard to hear a conversation. A difference of just a few decibels may not seem to be much, but a boiler that is just one decibel more is actually 30 percent louder. A boiler that is four decibels more is twice as loud.

For natural gas, oil, or propane, System 2000®, 90+ Resolute™, Ascent™ Combi, and Accel CS™ all lead the industry in noise control. Flue products travel over 10 feet in a System 2000 and over 15 feet in a 90+ Resolute before exiting into the flue (and an amazing 18 feet on the larger EK3 models). And all models feature an air intake connection that wraps and silences burner sounds. These features are unique compared to other home heating systems.

Virtually Silent

Homeowners often compliment Energy Kinetics’ industry leading design by asking to hear the boiler run on the day of a new install…only to find out that it was already running! Now that’s quiet!

Still not convinced?

Read what heating industry guru Dan Holohan has to say…

Dan Holohan
HeatingHelp.com Founder


“I chose the contractor. The contractor chose the equipment, which happened to be Energy Kinetics. Marianne and I went away for a week to get out of his way. It was a big job in a very small space (no basement here). The contractor was finishing up when we got back. I asked him to turn on the boiler. He told me it was on. I’ve been impressed ever since.”

And an additional comment after entering the first heating season:

“And I’ve yet to hear my System 2000 run. It’s been more than six months now and Marianne and I are loving the peace and quiet. Thanks!”

– Dan Holohan, HeatingHelp.com Founder, Author, Hydronics Columnist, and Industry Guru