In addition to System 2000, Energy Kinetics supplies these other heating products for residential and commercial applications:

Condensate Neutralization Tank with Pump

Ideal for installations that require both condensate removal and neutralization. The condensate produced by gas fired condensing appliances is acidic and has the potential to harm the drain and the sewer system.

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Stainless Steel Chimney Liners

Everything you need to get the job done right! Z-Flex® Stainless Steel Chimney Liner Kits come complete with everything you need to quickly and easily install a professional venting system.

Manufactured from special high temperature and acid resistant stainless steel exclusive to Z-Flex®, and designed with 'deep corrugations' to provide for greater flexibility and ease of installation. The result is a clearly superior product, offering incredible longevity.

Taco 007e ECM High–Efficiency Circulator

If a 007 is all you need, why not step up to high efficiency? The Taco 007e® ECM High-Efficiency Circulator is engineered with ECM variable speed technology. Its performance is equivalent to the legendary 007 yet it uses up to 85% less electricity. It is ideal for hydronic systems zoned with circulators or zone valves or used on potable water systems for domestic water recirculation. Efficiency aside, the 007e delivers the reliability that’s made Taco famous.

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Grundfos Alpha Circulator

ALPHAs are high-efficiency variable speed circulators designed for circulating liquids in heating and domestic hot-water recirculation systems. The pumps are simple, fast, and easy to install and operate.

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Caleffi Hydraulic Separator

This device consists of several different functional components, each of which meets specific requirements of the circuits used in heating and air-conditioning systems.

  • Hydraulic separator keeps connected hydraulic circuits totally independent from each other.
  • Dirt remover to permit the separation and collection of any impurities present in the circuits. Provided with a valved connection with discharge piping.
  • Automatic air vent for automatic venting of any air contained in the circuits. Learn more about Caleffi Hydraulic Separators

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Caleffi Air and Dirt Mag

Air and dirt separators are used to continuously remove the air and debris contained in the hydronic circuits of heating and cooling systems. The air discharge of these devices is very high. They are capable of automatically removing all of the air present in the system down to the microbubble level. The DISCALDIRT® air and dirt separator also removes any solid impurities in the system. The impurities collect at the bottom of the device and can be flushed through the integal drain shut-off valve. The circulation of fully de-aerated and cleaned water enables the equipment to operate under optimum conditions, free from noise, corrosion, or mechanical damage.

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Tiger Loops

Between the oil tank and Tigerloop®, the heating installation functions as a one-pipe system. The Tigerloop® will automatically and continuously remove air from the oil helping the burner to run more efficiently. The Start/Stop function of the burner is improved as no air pocket builds up before the nozzle.

Oil is also preheated by the friction in the pump to approximately room temperature, thus eliminating problems associated with cold oil.

Centrotherm Venting

Single Wall Residential venting is constructed with flame resistant polypropylene. Gasketed sockets are integrated into each fitting and vent length, eliminating the need for primers, glues and couplers. Gasketed connections allow for rapid

installation and adjustability. Industry leading corrosion resistant Peroxide Cross Linked EPDM Gaskets come standard in every vent length.

Pre-piped Tanks

Did you know you can order our Smart Tank Piping, which has the plate heat exchanger, tank piping, circulator, and wiring pre-assembled and leak tested? We've heard this can cut hours off of an installation.

The Smart Tank Piping option is available when you buy a heating system with a hot water zone kit and a 40 or 80 gallon tank.

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Display Energy Manager

As the “smart” central control device, Energy Kinetics’ Display Energy Manager provides continuous system monitoring and simple diagnostics for a virtually maintenance-free, combined heat and hot water system. The display provides additional system information and diagnostics.

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Digital Energy Manager

As the "smart" central control device, Energy Kinetics' Digital Energy Manager provides continuous system monitoring and simple diagnostics for a virtually maintenance-free, combined heat and hot water system.

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Classic System Manager

The Classic System Manager was the precursor to the Digital Energy Manager, and monitors the need for heat, both in living areas and in the hot water storage tank.

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Smart Pool Heating System

Any boiler that can heat your home can also heat your pool! Tap into your boiler’s winter heating capacity to extend your summer pool season. Just install our Smart Pool Heating System! Or, upgrade your boiler to System 2000 and cut up to 40% off all your home heating costs! System 2000 warms your pool/hot tub from spring to fall, then warms your home when it’s cold outside. Plus it heats all the water for your kitchen and bath 12 months a year! That’s efficiency!

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Condensate is acidic and has the potential to harm the environment and sewer systems. Our neutralizer raises the pH of the condensate from the Accel CS™ to a more neutral level before it is discharged to drain. Replacement kits also available.

Boiler Bases

An attractive addition to any System 2000, 90+ Resolute™, or Accel CS™ installation, boiler bases elevate all components for convenient access and service. “Stackable” stands allow a 40 gallon water tank to be located under System 2000 when installed in closets and other tight applications. System 2000 also offers a Low Profile base as an option which allows our Frontier Boiler to be installed in areas where low clearance is an issue.

Plate Heater Exchangers

Compact yet highly effective for heating, domestic hot water, radiant system isolation, snow melts, hot tubs and even swimming pools. They’re available in a variety of models, and a majority include our Sealix® permanent non-stick coated surfaces that prevent lime and mineral build up for exceptional long term performance in hard water applications.

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Scale Stopper Kit

Ideal for any size home and light commercial applications. Designed for scale and corrosion inhibition to help extend life of hot water systems, pipes and downstream plumbing fixtures.

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Radiant Kits

Take advantage of the comfort and efficiency of radiant heat. Radiant heat is a high efficiency distribution system, and it should be connected to a high efficiency heat source. These large water volume and heavily insulated tanks are an ideal match for any size radiant system; they reduce idle losses and increase overall system efficiency. Outdoor reset and warm weather shutdown controls are standard with each simple to wire package.

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Low Mass / Hi Mass Conversion Kits

The Header Kits for Primary/Secondary Injection up to 200,000 Btu/Hr for use in large water content loop such as commonly found with cast iron radiation.

ERC Controls

The Energy Recovery Control (ERC) increases the distribution efficiency of hydronic primary/secondary loops by transferring heat left in the primary loop at the end of a thermostat call to the secondary radiation circuits. This is especially effective in large water volume systems, and is designed for seamless integration with single or multiple Energy Kinetics System 2000 boilers.

Gas Conversion Kits

All System 2000 boilers are gas and oil (multi-fuel) compatible, which means that they can be easily converted between fuels with a simple burner conversion kit. Natural gas and propane systems may be converted with and orifice change.

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Smart Filter Kits

Micron filtration of fuel supply assures continuous, reliable and clean burning operation with oil heat version SYSTEM 2000. A vacuum gauge signals when to change the spin-on filter cartridge.

Header Kits for Professional, Fast and Attractive Installations

Installations are simplified, neater and more attractive with these prefabricated multiple zone headers for supply and return. 4 and 5 zone headers, and 6 ft. long “cut to fit” headers also available.

Circulator Pumps

Taco circulators are designed for quiet operation in Hydronic Heating, Radiant Heating, Hydro-Air Fan Coils, Indirect Water Heating, Chilled Water cooling, and Domestic Water Systems, and are included with System 2000 and various zone packages and accessories.

The Kidde Nighthawk

Gas/CO battery operated carbon monoxide alarm is an easy to install unit that provides reliable protection against the dangers of carbon monoxide or combustible gas leaks.

The Nighthawk alarm has a small, sleek design that is suitable for installation near the boiler and has a 7-year limited warranty. Included with all Natural Gas and Propane boilers.