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Energy Kinetics System 2000, Resolute, Accel CS, and Ascent Combi are made in America, easy to install and service and use almost all industry standard components.

Heating professionals can order all parts factory direct at (800) 323-2066. It’s also comforting to know that:

  • Nearly all component parts are available through wholesale distribution.
  • Display Energy Managers, Digital Energy Managers and Condensing Energy Managers have 5 year part warranties, and limited lifetime protection plans for the life of the equipment. See pricing here.
  • The hot water plate heat exchangers may be cleaned like a tankless coil, or replaced with installer friendly union connections. See pricing here.

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Technical Support

Give us a call if you’re a heating professional on a service visit for more than 20 Minutes!

Our technical support and engineering teams help heating professionals, architects, and engineers with applications, designs, questions, problems and installation details. Each tech support team member has over 20 years of experience as a heating professional and valuable field experience to better understand and offer appropriate solutions as quickly as possible. Plus, because Energy Kinetics boilers use industry standard components, heating professionals unfamiliar with our products understand them quickly and easily.

Heating professionals can also call technical support at (800) 323-2066.


Tune-up Guides

Tune-up Guides

These 10-step illustrated tune-up guides provide a quick reference for service and are available for natural gas, oil heat, and propane System 2000, Resolute, Accel CS, and Ascent Combi models. For additional information, refer to the owner and installation manual, the user manual, or the hot water installation guide.
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Installation Guides

Installation Manuals

Our product gallery offers a quick reference to view product information, installation, manuals, and more.  Find information about natural gas, oil heat, and propane System 2000, Resolute, Accel CS, and Ascent Combi models.
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Control Diagnostics

Control Diagnostics

As the “smart” central control device, the Display Energy Manager, Digital Energy Manager, and Classic Energy Manager provide continuous system monitoring and simple diagnostics for a virtually maintenance-free, combined heat and hot water system.

To see which control you have and explore diagnostic videos, wiring, thermostat connections, and more, get started on our Energy Manager Controls page.


Nest and Wi-Fi Thermostat Compatibility

Nest and Wi-fi Thermostat Compatibility

Power sharing Wi-Fi thermostats like Nest may cause false signals if not wired properly to the Energy Manager. Click Here to see thermostat wiring instructions, or view more information here. Note: Nest 3rd Generation learning thermostats are compatible with Display Energy Managers and the Accel CS. The Ascent Combi and the Ascent Plus Combi require a separate transformer or compatible zone controller.

NOTE: Nest 4th Generation Thermostats  require a “common” C wire and will prevent setup to continue and display an “equipment error” until one is installed. This is the case for all HVAC systems including Energy Kinetics heating systems. An add a wire “Common Maker” can be used if there is no common wire.

Burner Diagnostics

Burner Diagnostics

System 2000, Resolute, and Ascent Combi use industry standard burners that can be serviced by qualified technicians. Click here to download our special burner diagnostic and troubleshooting guide.  You may also view diagnostic videos here:

Beckett AFG Burner Diagnostic video

Carlin EZ-1  and other videos

Carlin EZ Gas Burner Diagnostic video

Burner lockouts may also be caused by insufficient draft. Click here to find out how to test and use the puff switch as a diagnostic tool.

Burner primary controls like the Carlin Pro-X have on board diagnostics with displays to assist with troubleshooting, others, like the Beckett Genysis, have contractor tools to download diagnostic information.


Seminar Schedule

Seminar Schedule

“Pro-Train™” programs from Energy Kinetics, are fact-filled full day workshops that will help make the attendee more productive in the field. Courses are held throughout New England and the Mid-Atlantic states and courses at the Lebanon, NJ manufacturing facility include a plant tour. All courses include technical manuals, a complimentary diagnostic “service board”, free membership in the “Housecalls™” update club, and are NORA and BPI certified for 8 Continuing Education Unit Credits.
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Buying Parts

Buying Parts

Energy Kinetics boilers use industry standard components from thermostats, circulators, zone valves, relief valves, burners and burner components, to pressure reducing valves and backflow preventers. These are the same components used on most residential and commercial boilers and are typically available through local supply houses and are often stocked on most heating professional’s service vehicles.  In the unlikely event where a control is not available, heating professionals can make simple wiring changes to provide emergency heat without bypassing any safety controls.

If a heating professional cannot locate a part locally, they can simply call our customer service team for assistance at 800 323-2066.
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