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Energy Kinetics' High-Efficiency Boilers Can Save Homeowners 20% to 40% over Typical New Boilers.

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Using our savings calculator it’s easy to find out how much money you can save on your fuel bill by installing an Energy Kinetics’ boiler over a typical NEW one.

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Beyond Savings

Not only will you save up to 40% on your fuel bill, but you will also enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Whisper Quiet Operation
  • Virtually Endless Hot Showers
  • Industry’s Best Warranty
  • Proven 30 Year Life

It’s easy to get started with Energy Kinetics’ Boilers

If you would like to receive a FREE Savings Analysis, obtain a QUOTE, get connected to an ENERGY KINETICS’ CERTIFIED Dealer or Heating Professional or have your questions answered, call us at 800-323-2066 or simply fill out the following form.

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Find out first hand why homeowners & businesses have chosen Energy Kinetics' boilers for decades:

  1. You will save up to 40% off fuel costs beyond boilers with the SAME AFUE!
  2. You will experience whisper quiet operation
  3. You will enjoy virtually endless hot showers
  4. You will appreciate the high-quality and value of owning a heating system that was proudly made in the USA
  5. You will enjoy the benefits of a proven track record of reliability and straight forward service