Save with Our High Efficiency Oil and Gas Boilers

Your system is awesome! I took the longest shower I've had since I bought the house! We really put the system to the test this morning. My wife ran the dishwasher, and the laundry, while I took another shower. Then my wife and son each took a shower, and there was still enough hot water to fill the tub (at full flow, mind you) for my daughter's bath! - Dan G.

Find out how much more you can save!

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Savings with System 2000, Accel CS and 90+ Resolute heat and hot water systems are much greater than other energy Star rated boilers.

Here's why Energy Kinetics systems outperform all others:

AFUE or annual fuel utilization efficiency is the rating method used for residential boilers, although AFUE does not apply to heat and hot water boilers and underestimates the savings with high performing systems like System 2000®, Accel CS™, and 90+ Resolute™.

Our technology puts more heat energy into your home and into hot water when the burner is on and when it's off by anticipating the end of heat and hot water runs and putting the heat remaining in the boiler to use in your home. No heat energy is left wasted in the boiler.

All other boilers finish hot and waste energy, even with so called temperature reset controls. And since boilers run at higher temperatures to make hot water (often 160°F to 180°F), even high efficiency condensing boilers finish hot all year long. This is especially pronounced for cast iron boilers that often weigh 500 lbs or more – that's a lot of energy.

Visit this page to find out more about the U.S. Department of Energy Lab study that demonstrates the impact of heat wasted when boilers are in an idle state. This report shows that energy consumption may be underestimated by 47% or more with AFUE alone.

Benefits of Oil and Gas Boilers

Everyone appreciates nearly endless hot showers and whisper quiet operation, both hallmarks of Energy Kinetics' heating systems. All Energy Kinetics boilers are whisper quiet, and our oil boilers are the quietest by far.

Our high efficiency heating systems not only save energy today, but because they use less energy, they reduce the impact of energy cost fluctuations for years to come. Test out some future fuel costs in the calculator to see how this may impact you.

If there is an advantage with pricing of different fuels in the future, all of our oil boilers are multi-fuel compatible and can be changed to propane or natural gas with a simple burner change.