Sealix® Plate Heat Exchanger

Sealix Plate Heat Exchanger

New Plate Heat Exchanger technology delivers exceptionally long-term performance in hard water applications.

Introducing Sealix®

A Simple and Profound Advancement in Water Heating Technology

Plate heat exchangers are subject to the laws of nature, and hard water can plate out and foul hot domestic side surfaces over time. This can be cleaned like a tankless coil, but there are better ways to provide reliable and long lasting performance. A scale stopper or full water treatment system can keep the minerals in solution and prevent fouling so the plate heat exchanger can stay clean for years to come.

Now, technology brings an even better advancement. The laws of nature didn’t change, but our Sealix permanent non-stick surfaces prevent lime and mineral build up for exceptional long term performance in hard water applications.

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Double the Benefits with Sealix.

Corrosion-resistant stainless steel is bonded with corrosion proof non-stick Silicon Dioxide for remarkable performance in preventing lime and mineral build-up in hard water applications.

How It Works

This Silicon Dioxide is bonded to the stainless steel, creating a barrier against fouling, scaling, and corrosion that’s durable even under extreme temperatures and pressures. This coating is ideal for preventing corrosion even in pool heating applications with salt and chlorine. It’s so robust it is used in high tech nuclear, medical, and industrial applications dealing with acids and other corrosive chemicals.

Exclusively in Energy Kinetics’ Boilers

We’re exclusively offering Sealix coated heat exchangers as an exceptional solution for all your hard water and pool applications. It’s available today on shipments from New Jersey on our Ascent™ Combi and Resolute™ boilers, and on EK1 and EK2 System 2000® Frontier boilers with the #14 and #18 heat exchanger models.

We recommend a scale stopper for domestic water up to 25 grains of hardness as it very cost-effectively brings water conditioning benefits to the entire home.

High Flow™ Tanks – impervious to water quality variations.

High Flow thermoplastic tanks are an exceptional complement to Sealix bonded heat exchangers, offering an unmatched combination for long term reliability and performance. Available in 55, 80, and 120 gallon sizes, there is no anode rod and no maintenance required.