Classic System Manager

The Classic System Manager was the precursor to the Digital Energy Manager, and monitors the need for heat, both in living areas and in the hot water storage tank. It is the smart central control for the heat and hot water system and is manufactured with solid state electronics.

Classic Energy Manager

Similar to the Digital Energy Manager, the Classic Manager allows System 2000 to sit cold until heat is needed and provides the best performance with a closely integrated energy converter and hot water system.

The Classic System Manager LEDs are very similar to the Digital Energy Manager, and troubleshooting the system using these indicator lights is also very similar to the diagnostic video (although the 2-minute check function is not available).

State-of-the-art LED indicators on the manager display the areas of the home requiring heat, as well as the status of the burner, circulator or draft inducer (for chimneyless applications).

The classic manager is very durable and virtually maintenance free-if you ever suspect there is a problem, heating professionals should review the points below, review the diagnostic video and contact Energy Kinetics.

  1. Thermostat LEDs – display areas of the home calling for heat.
  2. Individual Zone LEDs – display areas of the home being heated.

Classic System Manager Diagnostics

The burner will run for 90 seconds before the appropriate zone output LED will illuminate. After all thermostat calls are satisfied, the output from the last zone that called will remain on for 5 minutes (20 minutes for zones 2, 3 and 4).

The Thermostat LEDs cannot light unless there is a thermostat call (external contact is made).

The burner will not run unless there is a heating zone thermostat call or water tank thermostat call.

The classic manager output lights stay on after restoring power (except the burner light). The output lights automatically reset with a thermostat call or after waiting several minutes.

The burner LED indicates the dry contact for T-T is made on the burner primary control. The burner operating functions are controlled by the operating aquastat, so the burner light may be illuminated with the burner off.

Basic Diagnostics using the Classic System Manager LEDs:

  1. Look at the manager.
  2. See what it is telling you is supposed to be happening.
  3. See if it’s happening, and if it is not, find out why.
  4. Example: If a zone output light is on, but the zone valve is not open, check the zone valve and wiring.

Classic System Manager Warranty

Classic System Manager Warranty

Our Classic System Manager controls were included on every System 2000 until the introduction of the Digital Energy Manager in 1996. Classic System Managers are still covered with our lifetime protection plan – no product registration is required! This program offers a core return credit toward the purchase of a replacement control.

Display Energy Manager

Display Energy Manager

As the “smart” central control device, Energy Kinetics’ Display Energy Manager provides continuous system monitoring and simple diagnostics for a virtually maintenance-free, combined heat and hot water system. The display provides additional system information and diagnostics.

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Digital Energy Manager

Digital Energy Manager

The Digital Energy Manager is very similar to the Display Energy Manager. It has temperature bars instead of a display. Flashing bars indicate corrective action conditions. Visit the below link to find out more about the Digital Energy Manager.

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