Save on Fuel Bills

What sits in your basement and quietly saves you as much as $1,300 a year or more on fuel costs? It’s an Energy Kinetics’ heating system, the most efficient heating systems on the market. The money that System 2000®, 90+ Resolute™, or Accel CS™ save you is money the IRS can’t touch.

Increase the Equity in your Home

An investment in an Energy Kinetics heating system reduces the carrying cost of your home and is like moving an asset in a bank account to an asset in your home. You still own the asset, and it improves the value of your home. Even better, upgrading to an Energy Kinetics heating system pays for itself with energy savings!  If you prefer a convenient monthly payment plan, savings are frequently greater than the payments, increasing your cash flow right away. Ask your Energy Kinetics dealer about starting your savings today!

Made in the USA

American made quality is at the core of Energy Kinetics’ manufacturing excellence. Since 1979, System 2000 has been at the forefront of low mass efficiency and energy savings. System 2000 and 90+ Resolute are manufactured in the USA using steel from local mills in our state of the art facility in Lebanon, New Jersey. And although there are low efficiency residential cast iron condensing boilers, Accel CS is the first high efficiency Made in the USA condensing gas boiler!

Made with Renewable Energy

By harnessing the power of sunlight through our solar photovoltaic array on the roof of our manufacturing plant, Energy Kinetics taps renewable energy to help manufacture the System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS family of boilers. [link: Sustainability page]

Exceeds ASME Standards

Each boiler is inspected by our quality control department and also by independent ASME inspectors. Furthermore, each pressure vessel is hydrostatically tested (filled with pressurized water) using calibrated pressure gauges for a minimum of 48 hours, far exceeding all ASME requirements.

UL Listed

Energy Kinetics works within the strict standards and listing requirements from Underwriters Laboratories. The UL Mark is one of the most recognized, accepted and trusted symbols in the world. It means that a not-for-profit independent laboratory has tested our product, to assure that they meet specific safety requirements, and also conducts periodic checks of Energy Kinetics’ facilities. The UL seal of approval means System 2000, 90+ Resolute, and Accel CS meet the highest standards for quality. It’s your guarantee that the safety of our products is a high priority.