8 Boiler Design Innovations

The Energy Converter is the high performance pressure vessel at the heart of the heating system and has proven 30 year life.

Learn about the 8 Energy Kinetics boiler construction innovations that conserve energy, improve boiler longevity, and add up to real savings on home heating bills.

Energy Converter

Energy Converter

Energy Converter in the Air Elimination Manifold
Energy Converter in the Air Elimination Manifold


The energy converter was invented in response to known limitations of cast iron and steel boilers.  Design pillars included low mass and low water content for peak efficiency under all loads, highly durable and specially formulated steel for exceptional heat transfer and long life, long and wide open flue and water passes to eliminate restrictions and fouling, highly effective air removal to eliminate system “gurgles”, an optimized combustion chamber for near perfect combustion, and elimination of gaskets and flanges that are prone to leak.  All wrapped in an exceptional 90 lbs of insulation and jacketing.  The result: The Energy Converter succeeds in significantly outperforming cast iron boilers in every aspect, and has a proven track record of energy savings and long life.

Combustion Chamber

Boiler Chamber with Fire
Boiler Chamber with Fire


With long life and durability, the chamber glows like a Coleman lantern and reaches over 2000°F less than 2 seconds after the burner fires, so it incinerates fuel for the cleanest burn possible.  It actually softens after firing in contrast to cast iron boilers that have “blankets” that become very brittle and that do not surround the flame, resulting in imperfect burning that requires an energy wasting draft regulator to stabilize the flame.

Counterflow Design

In thermodynamics, counterflow provides the best heat transfer. A cup of coffee will cool off faster outside in the cold winter than in the summer. That’s because the rate of heat transfer is directly proportional to the difference in temperature or delta T (ΔT).  In the Energy Converter, water enters the return and heats up as it flows 10 feet toward the center of the Energy Converter.  Flue products counterflow in the opposite direction, and cool off as they approach the boiler return.  This counterflow design optimizes heat transfer by creating the largest temperature difference at all points in the boiler.  Contrast this high performance and controlled flow design with cast iron where short flue passes let heat escape and flow is poorly controlled.

No Pins or Baffles

The counterflow spiral energy converter with a swing open door is an “elegant design” for easy cleaning and exceptional heat transfer in a small area.  Cast iron boilers have difficult to clean pins and baffles, often leading to efficiency reductions year after year.

Low Water Content

Low water content: The System 2000 Frontier Energy Converter water pass is 10 feet long and holds about 2 ½ gallons of water to minimize energy losses.  The water cross section is the equivalent of a 2 ½” pipe for very low pressure drop, ensuring the best restriction free flow.  Cast iron boilers typically weight 400 to 600 pounds and contain 8 to 15 gallons of water, so it can take up to 15 minutes just to heat the boiler itself.  This means there can be up to 15 minutes of energy left wasted when the burner finishes firing, and this wasted heat makes basements hot even though draft regulators continuously steal and waste the heat up the chimney.

Air Removal

Dynamic Air Elimination Manifold
Dynamic Air Elimination Manifold


The combination of the wide open water passes, spiral design, and the Dynamic Air Elimination Manifold results in exceptional air removal so no external air elimination is required.  The exception is for special primary/secondary building piping where not all boiler water flows directly back to the boiler.

Specially Formulated Steel

The Energy Converter is designed for long life and rapid heating and energy delivery.  When destructively safety testing an Energy Converter, we quit at 700 psi – without any bursting or leaking.  It’s like getting industrial boiler durability in a residential design by withstanding almost 25 times the pressure rating found in most residential boilers.

Best Warranty in the Industry

The Energy Kinetics' Boiler Warranty
The Energy Kinetics Warranty


Residential limited lifetime warranty backed by a 10 year labor allowance on most pressure vessels.  Each boiler is pressure tested to 60 psi for a minimum of 48 hours, ensuring the best quality in each and every boiler.  The warranty is transferrable for the lifetime of the residential boiler. See actual warranty for details.

Residential and Commercial Boilers

For over four decades, Energy Kinetics has earned its reputation as the innovative leader in the manufacturing of high quality, reliable, energy efficient, and whisper quiet gas boilers and oil boilers. In addition, homeowners and business owners have cut their fuel use up to 40%, saving thousands of dollars each year. To learn more about our heating and hot water products, please contact us via email or phone at 800-323-2066.